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New Product Line: Coyote Beadlocks

The job of a beadlock is to secure a tires’ bead to the rim. They’re necessary because the low pressures often used in off-roading may not hold the bead tightly enough to prevent a tire from slipping or separating from the rim.


The Coyote Dual, Boltless, Internal, Pneumatic Bead Lock is a tire within a tire. It divides the tire’s air chamber into two separate compartments and thus has two valve stems.

One is for the tire’s main air chamber and the other is for the beadlock. Think of the beadlock Case as a mini-tire and hence its parts are named the same. There is a Tread, two Sidewalls and two Beads.

A heavy duty inner tube within the bead lock Case forces the Case to take shape and do its job. The inner tube is inflated up to 50 PSI (max) and forces/pinches both tire beads against the rim. On a 15 inch rim, we calculate that there is over 9,000 pounds of force holding both beads against the rim! This is in addition to the force required to pop the beads over the rim’s bead bumps. Through a standard valve stem fitted with an Air Channel, a “snorkel” of a sort, the tire can be inflated or deflated to any pressure less than 45 PSI (max).


• Coyote Boltless Beadlocks have several advantages over conventional, mechanical beadlocks.

• You can use your existing rims, conventionally beadlocked or not.

• They lock both the outside and inside tire beads to the rim. So, contrary to what happens with conventional, mechanical beadlocks, this prevents the inside tire bead from burping air.

• They provide a 3 inch high, 50 PSI “bump stop” that reduces rim and tire damage in demanding applications like Baja 1000 and Hammer racing.

• There are no balance issues.

• There are no DOT issues. They are street legal.

• There are no bolt circle torque maintenance requirements.

• They give you a “limp flat” capability to get back to camp or off to the side of the trail for a safer setting to change to your spare.


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